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BASED in Miami, Florida.  Born in Tel Aviv, Israel

EDUCATION: BSc Mathematics, MSc Computer Science

MOTO:  Beauty is everywhere. Carpe Diem

FOCUS:  Shapes & Colors        

MAIN SUBJECTS:  Fine Art, Abstract, Nature, Scapes & Architecture


Photography to me is truly the art of seeing. Photography makes me seek beauty in the world around me. It keeps me fully engaged in the now while my eye is searching for that perfect harmony in shapes, colors and light that I can frame with the camera.

The resulting images normally convey a less obvious presentation of reality. It may be an artistic realistic image or more of an abstract frame. 

I am an explorer. Love to travel the world as well explore my hood in search of discovery and beauty. Based in Miami, South Florida offers me ample opportunities to create images of the beaches, ocean, waterways, the Everglades & the artsy scene of the city. But photography also intensified my love of travel and exploring. I am constantly planning photography outings to destinations near and far with the desire to capture unique images with elements from new and exciting locales.

I love the quest for that perfect frame. To create an unexpected image that is uniquely seen by me and captured by camera.

Beauty is everywhere! Carpe Diem!


  • L Hotel, Miami Beach. Photography installation throughout the hotel

  • Hadassah Neurim Youth village Israel Installation

  • Feature article in Mieux Magazine (see below)

  • Featured image with Guggenheim museum

  • Int'l Color Award Winner Merit of Excellence, Honor of distinction & Honorable mention (2021 to 2024, multiple years & across categories)

  • Black & white Spider awards, winner honor of distinction, 2023

  • Multiple publications with greeting cards company

  • Published with Miami Herald & other local media 

  • Sales to various organizations, businesses, condominiums including Miami Downtown Authority, NetApp & Paraiso district 

  • Exhibitions: Art Deco weekend South Beach, Futurama Gallery, Facebook Summit Miami, Art from the Heart by Family Resource, 
    Miami Dade College, Bailey Hall, Broward College

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